What is a desktop charger?

A device that allows charging Mobile phones, Tablets and other portable devices in open spaces. Devices that we often encounter in companies such as cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

When we hear a desktop charger, the first brand name Sarjjet comes to mind, because Sarjjet is the first of its kind and the first patented coin-operated desktop charger in the world. Sarjjet is the first and unrivaled in the desktop industry and is well on its way with self-development and institutionalization. With this, he has become a leader in the class of devices that work with any kind of currency. Sarjjet has not limited its success in the desktop charger class with its space-saving design and its practical and simple operation and has started working with dealers.

In order to promote its institutionalized services and to provide more customers, Sarjjet Turkey has chosen to work with dealers. With this Sarjjet Turkey has in general announced its brand SARJJET.

The charger is very critical and important for your business and we want to warn you not to buy replica chargers. Replica desktop chargers consisting of non-original parts damage your customers’ mobile phones, while the original and necessary Sarjjet controls are reliable and of high quality.