Accurate and reliable charging service for your company

Nowadays you see more and more companies such as restaurants, cafeterias, canteens and hotels offering their customers a charging service at the table.

Many companies compete for this service with a desktop charger, but Sarjjet is not in this competition. Because Sarjjet also supplies its desktop charger to companies for free, instead of selling it to companies for a certain fee. In addition, Sarjjet shares half the revenues of the desktop chargers with the owner to the company to which they have supplied their desktop charger. This is not the only one, Sarjjet is the first patented manufacturer of portable and coin-operated desktop chargers around the world. The Sarjjet portable desktop charger is specifically designed to provide accurate and reliable charging services and also generate sales.

The application process to offer our charging service to your customers is as follows;

  • First, you must contact us via our website.

  • We will contact you after your request. After this our şarjjet experts visit you at your location.

In order to successfully realize your application, our experts draw up a feasible preliminary report based on your table capacity and the volume of the customer.

* After the preliminary report has been drawn up, the number of the fixed number of loading stations to be delivered is put into operation and delivered in a short time.

No reimbursement is requested during this process. Your staff will receive a Sarjjet surgical operation training, the Sarjjet agreement will be signed between you and Sarjjet.

  • The yields of the desktop loaders are emptied weekly and shared between the operational and Sarjjet companies.

Example: the weekly turnover of the Sarjjet devices within a company is 200 Euro. The company receives 100  Euro and Sarjjet Retention 100 Euro. Both operational and Sarjjet have income.

  • All technical support of desktop chargers is provided free of charge by Sarjjet.

So easy you can be Sarjjet customer. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.